Cleveland State University

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James "CSU Foad" Elder
Daniel "CSU Revey" Torres
Rebeca "CSU maRvel" Oliveira de Souza
Isaiah "lime" Howard
Ian "sully" McMinn
Jacob "CSU Land" Land
Luis "CSU Lilo" Marquez
Quinn "QueueTheTilt" Pauly
Mykhailo "ukraine warrior" Avdieienko
Kevin "HN Buckeye328" Williams

League of Legends – 5v5

Jason "Jæson" Simon
Rocco "Kaizix" Sladky
Adam "Shoes" Schuler
Matthew "Skrub Mclord" Nieszczur
Sean "aquachad" Brown
Matthew "Amertria" Frasher

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Program Founded: April 2022

Program Mission: Growing young men and women to better themselves and prepare for future careers through the games of esports

Average Rank: League of Legends - Diamond II, Valorant - ASC 3 / Immortal 1, Rocket League - GC3

Other Events: League of Legends - Final 4 CLoL Open League, Valorant - Made 1st round of playoffs NECC, Rocket League - NECC Emergents National Champions, Smash - Ruben top 4 National NECC & Regional Champion

Titles Offered: LoL, Val, RL, Smash, Overwatch

We are partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers 2k team - The Cleveland Legion