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n "thatguy2014" Tallet
Brendan "bronden" Craig
Drayton "Kingscarycow" Virgo
Mitchel "Kyle" Gerwin
Kyle "EmpitenZ" Dull
Sam "SaFF" Baker
Tanner "Singularity" Jones
Truman "Flames" Godsey
Zach "ZBag" Szymczak
Justin "Secrets" Brown

League of Legends – 5v5

Benjamin "Wiederum" Faibussowitsch
Julian "The King Julian" LeForestier
Kaden "Kado" Techentin
Kyle "kaii99" Techentin
Ken "Kuhz" Zhu
Michael "Aggressíon" Barnes

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Program Founded: Fall 2018

Program Mission: Provide the support for students to develop their career, academic, and competitive growth.

Titles Offered: LOL, VAL, OW, RL

Most of our players that get onto varsity rosters come in as lower ranked prospects.After joining the program they usually jump 2-4 tiers of rank in their game.