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Upsurge Applications Closing Soon!

Upsurge Esports 3/23/2021




Upsurge Esports, Unified Esports Association’s high-level esports league, has opened their spring 2021 season applications. Upsurge offers League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Valorant leagues with over $22,500 USD in prize money across amatuer esports. 


In past seasons, Upsurge has featured semi-professional and amatuer teams such as 100 Thieves Next and Supernova in their leagues. Most recently, the Unified Esports Association partnered with the League Championship Series to host this spring's first Tier 1 event, the "Unified Grand Prix." (UGP) The UGP started on February 22nd; the 7-day long event went through March 3rd and featured a prize pool of $20,000. The teams included: Barrage, C9 Amateur, CLG Academy, EG Prodigies, Maryville University, No Org, Revival, SolaFide, Supernova, TSM Academy, Winthrop University, and Zoos Gaming. The top 4 teams, No Org, SolaFide, TSM Academy, and Zoos Gaming will move on to compete in the 2021 LCS Proving Grounds in April.

“Unified puts on a fantastic show and really focuses on giving viewers a positive experience”, said Tim Sevenhuysen, Unified Grand Prix League of Legends Analyst. “I was impressed with the amount of effort they put into finding the right people to run the Unified Grand Prix tournament, from finding the best possible on-air talent to putting together an all-star production crew worthy of a pro event. I hope to see a lot more out of Unified in the years to come.” 


“My experience working with Unified has been nothing short of outstanding. The staff has been wonderful to communicate with and the processes are all well aligned and laid out”, said Emily Vu, team manager for Winthrop University, Synthetic Org, and previously Mirage Esports. “My feedback and opinions are always heard and valid. The community is positive and uplifting, and the scene really thrives to learn and grow together. Unified has been a wonderful experience, and I've grown a lot as a person by working with the people here!”


"The team at Unified is extremely experienced and a joy to work with, and have given us an organized and smooth-sailing Tier 1 tournament experience”, said Amanda Wong, team manager of Supernova. “From the custom interface of League spectator view, to the amazing casters and special guests - the quality of production was absolutely phenomenal. A well-thought out event and an all-round great experience"


The application deadline for League of Legends, Valorant, and Rocket League application deadline is March 28th. For Rainbow Six Siege, there will be two separate open qualifying tournaments. Registration for the first event closes April 4th at 8pm EST ( ) and registration for the second event will close on April 11th at 8pm EST ( ). For details about the upcoming Upsurge leagues, please visit them online at:; or apply online at:


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