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Midwest Esports Conference Winner's Announcement

Unified Esports Association 4/10/2021

The final weekend of collegiate League of Legends matches with the Midwest Esports Conference (MEC) and its partner event, the Midwest Skirmish Series, concluded on April 3rd. Each series featured a $10,000 prize pool for a total of $20,000 in scholarship prizes being awarded to top teams from across the Midwest. Additionally, the 1st place winner of the MEC earned a spot in the League of Legends College Championship matches. 


While the MEC is typically a traveling conference, the series and featured showcase matches occurred entirely online for the 2021 Spring season. Fans, players, and coaches themselves joined the conversation during livestreamed games on Unified’s primary Twitch channel, which featured rotating games from both the MEC and Skirmish Series each weekend this Spring. Social media pages also shared match-ups and game updates, with live coverage providing color commentary and fan-engagement opportunities across social platforms. 


Congratulations to our winners below, and of special note to Grand View University, whose team secured 1st in both competitions.


$10,000 Midwest Esports Conference

1st Place - Grand View University

2nd Place - Illinois College

3rd Place - Mizzou Esports


$10,000 Midwest Skirmish Series

1st Place - Grand View University

2nd Place - Purdue University Northwest

3rd Place - Mizzou Esports


Catch all the action from this Spring by tuning in to the video replays on Twitch or YouTube.

 Stay tuned for more MEC this Fall; applications are opening soon! Email us to learn more.


The Unified Esports Association (UEA) partnered with Riot Games to host the first traveling college League of Legends series in 2019. Conference matches were held on campus in tandem with open community tournaments, with the two-day events being labeled as Esports Festivals. In addition to providing scholarship opportunities to varsity level collegiate esports teams, the Midwest Esports Conference provides structured competition and broadcast opportunities to athletes in a new and ever-evolving sport. The Midwest Skirmish Series was presented for the first time in Spring 2021, and was an additional event outside of the College League of Legends (CLOL) main conference. It provided teams the opportunity to play additional games each weekend with the same production quality and prizing as the CLOL event. This year’s final teams included Drury Esports, Grand View University, Illinois College, Mizzou Esports, and Purdue Northwest and this season was powered by partners IVCi, IdeaTek, UGC, and Challonge! The Midwest Esports Conference and Esports Festivals will return in Fall of 2021, with official conference matches resuming Spring 2022.