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Fall Esports Opportunities With Unified Premier!

Unified Premier 9/8/2021



Fall Esports Opportunities with Unified Premier!

Leagues and Tournaments for Varsity Teams, Clubs, & Amateur Organizations


Unified and partners are proud to power several online leagues and tournaments for all levels of players this Fall, and registration is closing soon! Whether you’re part of an established collegiate or amateur esports organization, or whether you’re looking to try your hand in amateur or community-level leagues for the first time, we invite you to take part in our virtual battlegrounds with over $18,000 in cash prizes on the line this season!


Unified Premier


Unified Premier League


Unified’s entirely online league, hosting several tiers of competition in multiple top esports, is now accepting Fall applications. Experienced players and newcomers alike are invited to apply based on their in-game divisions, with thousands of dollars on the line each season. Unified Premier leagues are the perfect opportunity for your college varsity or club level team, amateur organization, or even freshly formed teams looking to test their merit on the battlegrounds. Matches are streamed daily with a series of guest production and broadcast talent, with gameday coverage on social media to further showcase and spotlight competing organizations.


>> View all upcoming leagues by skill division or game title!


Fall Game Titles


Deadline to Apply for Fall 2021 Premier Leagues: 


League of Legends: September 13th at 7:00PM CT

  • $7,500 Prize Pool Unified Premier League (UPL) 
    • 16 Teams, Uncapped League
  • $3,000 Prize Pool Unified Advanced League (UAL) 
    • 24 Teams, Diamond II - Masters Division
  • $2,000 Prize Pool Unified Minor League (UML) 
    • 24 Teams, Diamond IV - Diamond I Division
  • $1,500 Prize Pool Unified Junior League (UJL) 
    • 16 Teams, Platinum IV - Platinum I Division


VALORANT: September 13th at 7:00PM CT

  • $2,000 Prize Pool Unified Premier League (UPL) 
    • 16 Teams, Platinum + Division


Rocket League Open Qualifier: September 19th at 7:00PM CT

  • $2,000 Prize Pool Unified Premier League (UPL) 
    • 12 Teams, Open Qualifiers Hosted 9/20


Rainbow Six Siege Open Qualifier #1: September 12th at 7:00PM CT

Rainbow Six Siege Open Qualifier #2: October 3rd at 7:00PM CT

  • $2,000 Prize Pool Unified Premier League (UPL) 
    • 16 Teams, Diamond Average, Open Qualifiers Hosted 9/13 & 10/4


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