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November Newsletter

Unified Premier 11/21/2021


Premier Finals week has come and gone meaning the final season of premier for 2021 is almost complete.
It’s been a huge week for all things Unified, so keep reading to stay up to date on the latest news for all of our products!


[Unified Junior League] - Congratulations to Absolute Esports for winning the UJL League of Legends Fall Season! AOE Crowd Control got second place and beating an AOE team is always a triumph to be proud of! Both teams worked hard to reach this point and they had a fantastic season!


[Unified Minor League] - Congratulations to Resurrection Esports on winning the UML League of Legends Fall Season! Cafe 3 was the ONLY team that was able to best them all season and they were able to complete their vengeance arc by taking the final series 3-1! Cafe 3 had a completely undefeated season up to that point so giving them three losses was a huge triumph.


[Unified Advanced League]  - Congratulations to Team Ambition Black on winning the UAL League of Legends Fall Season! Coming into playoffs with a 3-2 record makes people write you off and focus on other teams but Team Ambition forced us to pay attention by winning series after series and eventually taking it all! I guess you could say their ambitions were to not leave UAL Fall without a trophy (hehe)! Purdue Northwest should be proud of their second place season and their dominant playoff run where the only games they lost were in the finals.


[Unified Premier League] - Congratulations to AOE Cope on winning the UPL League of Legends Fall Season! This is AOE’s world and we are all just living in it at this point. Three AOE teams entered UPL at the beginning of Fall and for all three of those teams to finish top four is an accomplishment no other org has ever achieved in UPL history. This org continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in Amateur League of Legends and to not only lift these players up but continue to attract strong rosters to their org is a massive accomplishment. We look forward to continuing to see what this org is capable of and hope to continue to see their teams competing in our Premier leagues.


Be sure to follow our Premier Twitter (@UnifiedPremier) as well as sub to our brand new Unified YouTube channel for some follow up content from the finals coming in the next few weeks!


UPL Valorant - Congratulations to UBC on winning the UPL Valorant Fall Season! It’s been so awesome to see the evolution of the UPL Valorant league in 2021 and see what teams continually showed up and made names for themselves. Spring champions UC Davis, Summer champions Converse Esports, and now Fall champions UBC have all shown they can come into the league and surpass the former greats of our Premier leagues.

This season of Premier Valorant was more competitive than all the others. 8 teams entered the playoffs and there were NO clear favorites at the time outside of the history of some of these orgs. After the quarterfinals, the ENTIRE Phantom division had been eliminated including UC Davis and OC Esports who both made deep runs in the Summer. With just the Vandal Division teams in the semifinals, it was really anyone’s game and to our surprise, the three and four seeds of UBC and Akuma Esports took down ALL the one and two seeds from both divisions to earn their spot in the championship. All this just to show what a crazy season we were graced with and how proud UBC and Akuma Esports should be about their Fall performances. We look forward to seeing many of these orgs participating in future Unified events and thank them for such a fun Fall season!


UPL Rainbow Six Siege - Of the six Fall Premier Leagues, Rainbow Six Siege UPL is now the only league still competing and they will continue to do so up until December 9th when we will have our finals. 


This past week was fairly quiet as the late season forfeits and reschedules are starting to come through, but we’re excited to see what the playoff picture will look like after this final week of the regular season.


We have two weeks left in our November Community Leagues! 


We want to take a moment to thank all the teams and players who signed up this November, and provide an update on the current standings for the teams in our leagues:



Find out which teams or players take it all and stay tuned for more community leagues and game night activities coming this December! 


And in our final updates for the month, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to show support for another year of Air Cap Comic Con at Century II! Unified was proud to power the esports arena at our home venue, and were grateful for the opportunity to provide additional prize support to the incredible turnout of cosplayers.


Congratulations to our tournament and raffle winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the Unified gaming quest system! Players of all ages and skill levels had a chance to win a variety of gaming prizes, and we were proud to see how many of you “leveled up” your weekend with this fun, free challenge.🏆 We hope to see you all at our future circuit events, including another Century II stop on March 26th weekend!





🍂🍁🎮 Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving! 🎮🍁🍂


As we end out this week's updates for you all, we want to take a second to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you get to spend this week with family and friends as well as take a break from work, school, or just life in general! The holidays are a busy time of the year but hopefully for Thanksgiving we can have a week to reset and just have not only a good time but a good meal as well. 


Thank you all for this amazing 2021 year with Unified. We had four Premier seasons with around 450 teams signup, multiple months of community league with plenty of fun times, a successful Winter season of our collegiate leagues, an awesome CLOL top 32 and top 16 broadcast and coverage with Riot, numerous LANS with thousands of attendees coming to game with us live, and two massive Unified Grand Prix tournaments for the amateur community. It’s been an awesome year and we appreciate the community for being a part of all of this with us!