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Unified to Host LCS Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifiers Spring 2022

Unified, Riot Games 12/22/2021

● Unified Partners with Riot Games to Host Spring 2022 Circuit Qualifiers ● Unified Shares Mission to “Unify Aspiring Champions Through Virtual and On-Site Competitions” ● Team Applications for the First LCS Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifier Open on 12/27/2021 Unified, a North American esports tournament and production service company based out of Wichita, Kansas, has partnered with Riot Games to host the 2022 LCS Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifiers powered by Verizon. Unified recently partnered with Riot Games to produce their collegiate League of Legends broadcasts, and had previously hosted both “Unified Grand Prix” 2021, Spring and Summer LCS Proving Grounds qualifying events. “Riot is excited to partner with Unified to host the Proving Grounds Qualifier Circuit. Unified has been active in the amateur space for years and has been a great partner. We are excited to collaborate with them for the Spring Split.” -Matt Nausha, Head of Amateur & Collegiate for Riot Games Representing the amalgamation of three of North America’s top amateur esports organizations, Unified has been delivering on its mission to empower aspiring champions since 2015. Through virtual and onsite offerings, Unified and partners have brought players together in structured, tiered competitions across the collegiate and amateur landscape. While catering primarily to the competitive audience since its inception, the company has also provided a physical tournament experience catered to both esports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike–making the professional gaming experience a reality for players across all spectrums. “These aspiring champions have dedication and genuine passion that inspires so many of us. We at Unified are excited to help create a pathway for them to realize their fullest potential. I am so grateful for this community and am excited to see North America’s talent grow,” remarked Ramsey Jamoul, Unified’s Chief Executive Officer, “Good luck and have fun to each and every player competing.” Applications for the first Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifier event will open on December 27th, 2021 and matches will be streamed across the official Academy and Unified Twitch channels starting on January 12th, 2022. Both qualifying events will feature an open swiss qualifier that determines which 16 teams advance to the groups stage. From there, the top ten teams will qualify for the Proving Grounds event. While the esports industry was already projected to reach the billion U.S. Dollar threshold in 2021, viewership trends exceeded expectations as virtual events continued to deliver to audiences across the globe. The League of Legends World Championship broadcast recorded a peak viewership of 4 million this past November, breaking records for League of Legends average viewership and global hours watched. Unified is committed to providing even more exciting "player-first" esports experiences and opportunities to aspiring champions and fans alike through a variety of platforms and events the company is developing in 2022.

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"We're thrilled to work with Riot Games again to provide a platform for the next generation of professional players in North America to shine and be discovered. We can't wait to tell these stories."
-Chris Harris, COO Unified (CEO & Co-Founder of Challengers Uprising)

“We’ve always been at the forefront of player development for North America and I’m excited to continue to provide the best possible platform for that.”
-Garrett Meyerson, CPO Unified (Founder of Upsurge Esports)

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About Unified:
Unified is a Kansas-based company that oversees multiple products that specialize and operate as a dynamic pipeline within the esports industry. Founded as “Wichita Esports” in 2015, the company has since expanded its offerings to better serve a national audience.

The rebrand to “Unified” signifies a joint mission between three of the most successful esports organizers and production companies from the amateur scene over the last five years. These grassroots organizations came together with a goal to empower aspiring champions and support the esports ecosystem by providing high quality professional services in the fields of production, competition, events, and scholastic.

Unified has built a pipeline for growth that reaches from youth and hobbyist players to semi-professionals. They bring players together in structured, tiered competitions across collegiate and amateur virtual leagues, and provide a physical tournament experience catered to both esports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. As a leading tournament organizer for North America, for the world’s largest esports, Unified continues to give gamers unique opportunities and social experiences.

To learn more about Unified’s upcoming esports events, visit Unified.