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Unified to Host Summer LCS Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifiers

Unified 5/11/2022



Unified, a North American esports tournament and production service company, has partnered with Riot Games to host another seasonal iteration of the LCS Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifiers. This summer’s competitions will kick off with the Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifier #1 on May 30th, after an Open Qualifier seeding event, and will give teams the chance to earn a spot in the main LCS Proving Grounds event.


“Riot is excited to renew its partnership with Unified for Summer Split to host the Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifiers. We are delighted to have a partner that shares our same passion for the amateur ecosystem.”

-Matt Nausha, Head of Amateur & Collegiate for Riot Games


Unified and partners have powered amateur and collegiate League of Legends ecosystems since 2015. Through structured online and on-site events, they have provided a pipeline for both players and professional talent in production and broadcast–including recent projects such as their production of the Top 32 and 16 College League of Legends Championship streams. 


In addition to streaming each of the collegiate matches with an emphasis on telling the stories of players and their schools, over thirty aspiring or professional analysts, commentators, and production specialists were brought onto this project.


“In addition to the great opportunities these players have to showcase their talent and fight for a tangible path-to-pro experience, Unified is committed to providing aspiring talent the same opportunities. We are all incredibly excited to see how this next round of Circuit Qualifiers unfolds, and look forward to telling these stories alongside developing talent in the League of Legends community.”

-Rebecca Rong, Director of Marketing for Unified


Team applications for the first Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifier event are open through May 18th at 6pm PT, and talent applications are open through May 14th. Thirty-two teams from the application pool will be invited to compete in the Open Qualifiers, which begin on May 23rd, with the top 16 placing teams moving onto the Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifier #1. 


Matches will be streamed to Twitch starting on May 30th, with Finals slated to take place on June 21st. In addition to a $12,500 prize pool, teams will be competing for a chance to earn a spot in the Summer LCS Proving Grounds main event.


June will also see the launch of Unified’s Community and Premier-level tournaments. Launching and streaming alongside this Circuit Qualifier, amateur and collegiate League of Legends teams have additional opportunities to compete online for more than $30,000 this Summer through Unified’s virtual platforms. Organizations interested in learning more about upcoming esports opportunities should visit