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IdeaTek Drives Mission to Empower Start-Ups, Levels Up Unified’s Esports Events

Unified 6/8/2022


WICHITA, KS, [June 8th, 2022] - 


Kansas-based brands team up to “level up” Unified’s internet infrastructure, opening the doors for the company to bring even more events and broadcasts in-house.


IdeaTek, a broadband service provider based in Buhler, KS, and Unified, an esports tournament and production service company headquartered in Wichita, KS, have teamed up to bring fiber internet to Unified’s downtown office. 


Cited as a “huge win for the home team,” this upgrade will allow Unified to keep more of their online events and broadcast production services in-house and will guarantee office-based staff the best possible connection when operating esports tournaments.


“IdeaTek's internet has helped make optimal broadcasting achievable in the office,” said Grant Beard, Unified’s Technical Director. Beard serves as a production lead for Unified’s streamed esports events and has been operating out of a remote office to ensure broadcast quality while the Unified team eagerly awaited IdeaTek’s fiber installation. “Every show we have run thus far has experienced perfect connection throughout. I love it.”


IdeaTek's Director of Sales and Customer Service Nate Oswald said providing Unified Esports Association with a fiber solution is part of the company's mission of helping businesses grow and thrive. IdeaTek especially values its relationships with start-up companies like Unified. 


“We understand the importance of fast, reliable internet connectivity for our business partners in today's competitive economy," Oswald said. "This is especially true for Unified Esports Association, whose competitors can't afford latency issues or downtime. We're honored to work alongside Unified to bring them a future-proof solution, which will help them continue to expand their competitive gaming footprint across the nation."


While IdeaTek has only recently begun expanding its efforts in Wichita–primarily serving business communities with a need for high-speed, reliable internet–the company has made national headlines by joining the White House initiative to provide free internet to low-income families in Kansas. 



Besides providing these underserved communities with new opportunities to access internet services, local events will also benefit from new installations. Live events, such as Unified’s “Esports Festival Wichita” see hundreds of competitors playing on-site over the weekend. Strong internet connections will guarantee that these in-person tournaments have the bandwidth required to ensure matches run smoothly without latency and to keep players connected throughout the entire series.


Good Day Kansas invited Unified CEO Ramsey Jamoul out to speak about the company’s experience, and how IdeaTek is impacting the success of their business. "Right now, we get to produce some of the best competitions for League of Legends in the amateur and collegiate space. That gives us the ability to tell everyone's story that plays in our competitions all around the United States and Canada."


About Unified: 

Unified is a Kansas-based company that oversees multiple products that specialize and operate as a dynamic pipeline within the esports industry. Founded as “Wichita Esports” in 2015, the company has expanded its offerings to better serve a national audience. 


The rebrand to “Unified” signifies a joint mission between three of the most successful esports organizers and production companies from the amateur scene over the last five years. These grassroots organizations came together to empower aspiring champions and support the esports ecosystem by providing high-quality professional services in production, competition, events, and scholastic.


Unified has built a pipeline for growth that reaches from youth and hobbyist players to semi-professionals. They bring players together in structured, tiered competitions across collegiate and amateur virtual leagues and provide a physical tournament experience catered to esports enthusiasts and casual gamers. As a leading tournament organizer for North America, Unified gives gamers unique opportunities and social experiences. To learn more about Unified’s upcoming esports events, visit


About Ideatek:

IdeaTek Telcom, LLC, is a Buhler, Kansas-based broadband service provider with the mission of “fighting for internet freedom™.” IdeaTek uses a unique and innovative approach to deploy scalable, long-term fiber optic infrastructures, bridging the broadband gap in rural communities. The company has already successfully built over 4,000 miles of fiber throughout Kansas. IdeaTek has long been at the forefront on broadband equity issues and is committed to enriching the communities in which they operate. They were recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies for the eighth time.