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UCEA February Valorant

Starts 3/12/2021

Key Words

UCEA - Unified Collegiate Esports Association.

Player - The individual that is competing in the UCEA.

Team - The team the Player is registering for with a full 5v5 Player roster.

Participant - The Team represented in UCEA.

Game - A single Valorant Game played to completion.

Match - One (1) Game is considered a Match.

Tournament Operators - Representatives of the UCEA.

Website -

Tournament Format

  1. *Note: Registration has been extended through March 5th. The tournament will begin on March 12th.
  2. Up to 32 Teams
  3. Location: Fully Online
  4. Open Qualifiers (if registration passes 16 teams):
    1. Start on February 15, 2021, Best of 1 until Top 16.
    2. Open Qualifiers will continue through February 19th to determine seeding.
    3. Open Qualifier matches will be scheduled for 7:00 PM ET. Teams will be divided into groups of no more than 5 teams with a round robin format. For flexibility, teams are allowed the time window of 5:00 PM ET through 10:00 PM ET on days when Games should be played. Matches must be played on the same day as scheduled. Games will be played on February 15, 16, 18, and 19th. If a group contains less than five teams, there will be no Game on the 19th.
    4. Top 16 onwards will be Best of 3.
  5. Pool Play Double Round Robin Best of 1 starts February 26th at 6:00 PM ET
    1. 4 groups of 4 play in a single round robin.
    2. Teams will be seeded based on open qualifier results then ranks.
    3. 7:00 PM EST Match #1
    4. 8:00 PM EST Match #2
    5. 9:00 PM EST Match #3
    6. Tiebreakers are broken by Head to Head then Round Differential (W/L).
      1. If a tiebreaker can’t be broken teams will play a best of 1.
  6. Playoffs Day 1 Double Elimination Starts February 27th at 2:00 PM ET
    1. Top 8 from the pool play advance to the playoffs. This will be Top 2 Team from each Group.
    2. 2:00 PM ET Winners Round 1 - Best of 1
    3. 3:00 PM ET Winners Semifinals / Losers Round 1 - Both Best of 3
    4. 6:00 PM ET Loser Round 2 / Winners Finals - Best of 3
  7. Playoffs Day 2 Double Elimination Starts February 28th at 12:00 PM ET
    1. Top 4 from playoffs day 1 remain.
    2. 12:00 PM EST Loser Semifinals - Best of 3
    3. 3:00 PM EST Losers Finals Best of 3
    4. 6:00 PM EST Grand Finals Best of 5


  1. Sign up here by February 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET.
  2. Entry fee of $125 per team - Open to All University programs affiliated with our association (It is free to join! Apply Now)

Map Pool

  1. The Current Maps in rotation are:
    1. Ascent, Bind, Haven, Split, and Icebox.
  2. Teams will use to ban maps.
    1. Mapban settings:
      1. All Maps
      2. Best of 3
      3. Ban Order: Ban until 3 maps left (no ignore)
  3. The higher seed will have the selection to ban a map in the map rotation.
  4. The lower seeded team will get to pick the first map played on.
  5. After the lower seeded team picks the higher seeded will pick the next map that is played on.
  6. The final map will be the decider
  7. The team that picked the map will get to choose if they start on attack or defense.
  8. The higher seed will get to choose if they start on attack or defense on the decider map.
  1. Mapban settings:
    1. All Maps
    2. Best of 5
  • The Best of 5 will be the Grand Finals. The higher seeded team will begin with a 1-0 advantage. The process below will be followed to choose the four maps to potentially be played.
  • The lower seed will select the first map to be played in the map rotation.
  • The higher seeded team will get to pick the side played on the first map chosen.
  • After the higher seeded team picks the side, the higher seeded team will pick the next map that is played on.
  • The lower seeded team will get to pick the side played on the second map chosen.
  • The lower seeded team will select the third map to be played while the higher seeded team picks side.
  • The higher seeded team will ban one map to be removed from play.
  • The final map will be the decider
  • The lower seeded team will get to choose if they start on attack or defense on the decider map.
  • Lobby Setting

    1. Mode: Standard
    2. Server: TBD (Default US Central)
    3. Options
      1. Allow Cheats: Off
      2. Tournament Mode: On
      3. Overtime Win By Two: On
    4. Blood: Off

    Match Procedure

    1. Please ensure the integrity of your internet connection before checking in for a Match.
    2. Check In starts 45 minutes before the scheduled Match time.
      1. EXAMPLE:
        1. Check in starts at 6:15 P.M. ET for Matches that take place at 7:00 P.M. ET
    3. Participants are allowed a maximum of a 10 minute break in between Games.
      1. If a Participant is unable to play within 10 minutes of the previous Game, the Participant may be subject to a forfeit of the upcoming Game.
    4. Each Participant has 60 minutes from Game start time to report all scores, or the Participant will be given a disqualification for that Game.
      1. EXAMPLE:
        1. If Games start at 7:00 P.M. ET, they must be reported by 8:00 P.M. ET

    Reporting Scores

    1. Each Participant is responsible for acquiring a screenshot/photo of the final score AND the Timeline screen after each Game and reporting it to the Tournament Operators. Two total screenshots per Game will be required.
      1. If a Participant does not report a score, their scores will be forfeited for that Game or Match.


    1. All correspondence between Participants, and Tournament Operators will take place on
      1. Discord,,
      2. or via email,
    2. If Participants have any questions that are not addressed on, please send us an email at


    1. $2,800 USD Prize Pool
      1. 1st Place – $1,250 USD Scholarship (5v5)
      2. 2nd Place – $900 USD Scholarship (5v5)
      3. 3rd Place – $650 USD Scholarship (5v5)
    2. Prizing to be distributed through at
    3. No refunds will be made after payments are complete.


    1. Series which have been designated as “officially streamed” matches are only to be streamed on Twitch (
    2. If a series is not designated as “officially streamed” players may stream their matches with a minimum 3-minute delay, and are expected to adhere to all rules stipulated above regarding communication with unauthorized agents during game play.
    3. Coaches are not allowed to spectate the Matches. Coaches may create the lobbies to begin the Match, but must leave prior to start. Teams are also allowed to assign player "Captains" that may create the custom lobbies so that no Coach is involved in the lobby. Any Coach remaining in the lobby either in a player or spectator spot will be disqualified.

    General Conduct

    1. Player Responsibilities.
      1. It is the responsibility of the players in the Match to detect all Match Rule violations and report them to Tournament Operators immediately.
      2. It is the responsibility of the players to report their Match and/or score to the Website within the designated time frame.
      3. It is the responsibility of the players to report Rule violations at the time they happened. Any late reports may not be judged.
      4. All Players must ensure they are a student representing their institution based on the guidelines set forth by that institution. If needed, proof of enrollment may be requested for by a Tournament Operator.
      5. It is the responsibility of the players to not interfere with a Match in progress. Should a player see an issue in a Match they are not a part of, they are to report it to a Tournament Operators.
      6. Tournament Operators highly suggest recording/streaming your Game play in case you need to verify sabotage.
      7. Players may not collude for or against their opponent to present an unfair advantage.
      8. All rules and regulations presented in The Terms of Use (or otherwise outlined by Riot) must be abided by each player.
      9. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not allowed. Friendly banter is at the discretion of each individual player, although we ask that you be understanding of jokes and fun being had.
      10. All players must use their own account/s at all times. Organizations that do not follow this will accrue penalties.
      11. Spamming voice lines or emote taunting is not allowed.
      12. Abuse of an exploit to seek an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to penalties by Tournament Operators.
      13. Any Third-Party program that negatively affects the integrity of the Tournament, Program, Stream, Event, Player, and/or Game will be considered Prohibited. This is defined as a program or device that provides an unfair advantage. This is including but not limited to Macro Programs, Turbo Modes or Function, Programmable controllers, or Sequence Mapping.
    2. Tournament Operators Responsibilities.
      1. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Operators to act civil in all disputes.
      2. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Operators to report any rule violations on behalf of a player.
      3. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Operators to be impartial to all judgement.

    Spirit of the Rules

    1. Finality of Decisions.
      1. All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules listed are solely decided by Tournament Operators.
      2. All rules not outlined in the rule book are up to the interpretation of Tournament Operators, who have the discretion to punish based on the severity.
    2. Rule Changes.
      1. These rules may be changed at any time to ensure fair play and integrity of the league.