Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unified Collegiate Esports Association (UCEA)?

The Unified Collegiate Esports Association is an association for high-level esports programs and programs hoping to grow owned by Unified Esports Association (UEA). Our primary focus is the students. That means no fees to become a part of the association because we want you to be able to give your students as many resources as you can. We seek to provide not only high-level competition, but also great assets to make sure the students stand out.

When was the Unified Esports Association established?

Unified Esports Association (UEA), formerly known as Midwest Esports, was established on March 20, 2016.

What is the mission and purpose of the Unified Collegiate Esports Association?

The Unified Collegiate Esports Association (UCEA) looks to unite the varsity and club collegiate ecosystem. By creating a space for high-level competition without the multiple barriers of entry, we aim to expand the varsity level and offer more opportunities for growing club programs. For UCEA it is first and foremost about creating the best opportunities we can for the students by empowering staff, creating competitions, offering resources and partners and much more.

What is the criteria for a collegiate team to join UCEA?

In order to create and maintain high level competition, all institutions are required to have an unpaid or paid staff member at the helm of the esports program to be considered for Tier One. They must be a post-secondary institution in the United States or Canada. Tier One competitions will have strict forfeit rules and procedures, and participation percentages are shown on directory listings in the form of a reputability score. Tier Two institutions can be club teams or new varsity teams that are looking to ease into the space. Quality is top of mind for our tournaments in order to create an environment that can be trusted.

Does UCEA have an advisory board? If so, who is currently on the advisory board?

Yes. UCEA has an advisory board. For the most up-to-date information, please visit our About Us.

What games are UCEA featuring for the 2020 Season?

Rocket League, Counter-Strike : Global Offensive and Overwatch. Spring game titles will be announced soon.

Is UCEA an exclusive esports organization?

UCEA is non-exclusive to guarantee that colleges and universities can have the freedom to maintain current and future relationships with other organizations.

How much does it cost to join UCEA?

There is no fee to join UCEA for qualified North American collegiate varsity and club university teams.

Who is the current President of UCEA?

Victoria Horsley is the President of Unified Collegiate Esports Association.

How many colleges and universities are currently enrolled in UCEA?

There are more than 25 universities and colleges enrolled in UCEA. For the most updated list, please visit our Institution Directory.

Is UCEA only focused on United States Colleges and Universities?

No. UCEA also includes universities and colleges in Canada.

Does UCEA have strategic partners? If so, who are they?

Yes. We are proud to include Varsity Esports League, eFuse and NAECAD among our esteemed partners.

Who do I contact if I am interested in joining, sponsoring or partnering with UCEA?

Please reach out to for more information.