Unified Collegiate Esports Association

The Unified Collegiate Esports Association (UCEA) looks to unite the collegiate ecosystem. By creating a space for high-level competition without the multiple barriers of entry, we aim to expand the varsity level. For UCEA it is first and foremost about creating the best opportunities we can for the students by empowering staff, creating competitions, offering resources and partners and much more. With a unique structure and focus, UCEA arises as a stand alone association to grow and expand top tier esports programs.

Post-secondary schools with varsity level esports teams may apply. Visit to learn more.

Midwest Esports Conference

The Midwest Esports Conference (MEC) is the only traveling conference for the Riot Games College League of Legends tournament. Member institutions travel to each other and compete in a LAN style tournament for the duration of the conference organized and executed by UEA. By having a unique format, the MEC is positioned to be a top recruiting platform as well as an opportunity to enhance the universities campuses.

If you are interested in working with or joining the Midwest Esports Conference please visit to learn more.

Community Esports League

Community Esports League (CEL) is an inclusive community-driven league. Geared towards youth and hobbyist gamers and built on the pillars of healthy competition and valuable life resources. Our mission is making sustainable connections online.

Registration is open. First league season starts July 6th. Visit to learn more.

Upsurge Esports

Upsurge Esports provides a competitive experience tailored for amateur and semi-professional players. We pride ourselves on providing a pipeline for our players to compete at the next level in our online leagues.

Winter Applications are open visit to learn more.

Esports Festivals

Esports Festivals are our branded stand alone events. Concepted, executed and hosted, exclusively by Unified Esports Association. These high-energy events are open to the general public and vary in size.

If you are interested in working with us please email Rebecca at

Event Services

Event Services is a white-label, turnkey solution that leverages our full-service arm of Unified Esports Association that specializes in creating the best events that look to target and activate the gamer and cosplay market. With our in-house experts, we are capable of delivering epic and unforgettable engagement and memorable experiences at scale.

If you are interested in working with us please email Rebecca at

Local Legends Gaming

Local Legends Gaming (LLG) is our popular mobile video game experience housed in a rentable 24’ long, completely-sanitized, climate controlled, self-powered trailer with 6 state-of-the-art HDTVs and all of the latest consoles and popular games.

If you are interested in learning more about our rentals please visit