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Kolby "CRNL kbull" Bullard
Patrick "CRNL Phet" Hetzel Warhol
Matthew "CRNL Banthanor" Nugent
Fermin "CRNL Lend4" Gonzalez Bolanos
Joe "Lamp404" Wald

League of Legends – 5v5

Eliza "Cambodia" Khan-Roberts
Brodie "cheese ravioli" McCuen
Owen "Faelwen" Hamm
Indigo "Ikutso" Meads
Rachel "sweet peach" Spannbauer
Ryan "DEVlNE" Devine

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Program Founded: 2019

Program Mission: To provide a great place to play esports and compete at a high level

Average Rank: Valorant: Diamond - Ascendant, League of Legends: Masters, Rocket League: GC2

Other Events: Lol - CLoL fall runner up, House of Hope Tournament Champions, Winners of Coe - Cornell Esports Cup, Cornament.RL - 3rd place UNI LAN, 3rd Place Morningside LAN, LAN Qualifier Redbird Invitational, 17th Intel Inspires, Winner of Coe - Cornell Esports Cup, Winner of Cornament.Smash: NACE Varsity Conference Champions.Valorant: 3rd Place Morningside Invitational, Coe - Cornell Esports Cup Winner, NACE Varsity Conference Runner - Up

Titles Offered: Smash Ultimate, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Valorant, Rocket League

We are the 4th biggest sport at Cornell!