UNIFIED Esports Association

Mission: Help shape communities through iconic video game events.

UNIFIED has built a foundation of knowledge in crafting gaming events and hosting esports tournaments since 2016.

Traveling from every corner of the continental United States, we host and rent out our equipment, build programming and help grow the community.

Together, UNIFIED and partners have built a pipeline for growth that reaches from youth and hobbyist players to semi-professionals. They bring players together in structured, tiered competitions across collegiate and amateur virtual leagues, and provide a physical tournament experience catered to both esports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. As a leading tournament organizer for North America, UNIFIED continues to give gamers unique opportunities and social experiences.

Midwest Esports Conference

Midwest Esports Conference View Conference

The MEC is the first traveling collegiate esports conference.

Equipment Rentals

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Includes PCs, Consoles, Production and Event Equipement.

Event Management

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Consulting, Contracted Staff, and Full Project Management.


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Tested Templates of Programming, Layouts and Competitions.