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November UCL: Featuring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Starts 11/9/2021

Key Words

Player - The individual that is competing in the Unified Community League.
Game - A single Smash Ultimate Game played to completion.
Set - Three (3) Games are considered a Set.
Game Day - The Tuesday and Thursday dedicated to playing in the Unified Community League.
League Officials - Representatives of the Unified Community League.

League Structure

Regular Season

Four Week Season

  1. Players battle to gain the most points through winning sets.
  2. Players will face off against two opponents per Game Day.
    1. Players will play a Set of three Games against their opponent at 6:30 P.M.
    2. Players will play another Set of three Games against a different opponent at 7:30 P.M.
    3. Players will be awarded one point for each Game won in a Set.
  3. Two Game Days a week.
    1. Tuesday and Thursdays.
  4. Leaderboard.
    1. Player’s total scores at the end of the Regular Season will determine their placing.
    2. The Player with the most points at the end of the Regular Season will be declared the Champion of the Season.
  5. Tiebreakers.
    1. If Players have the same score at the end of the regular season, League Officials will administer a coin flip to determine the advancing Player.

Set Procedure

Sets will proceed at the following times:

  1. League Play starts at 6:30 P.M. and 7:30 P.M. all times are in CST.
  2. Please ensure the integrity of your internet connection before checking in for a Set.
  3. Check In starts 15 minutes before the scheduled Set time.
    1. Example:
      1. Check in starts at 6:15 P.M. for Sets that take place at 6:30 P.M.
  4. Players are allowed a maximum of a 10 minute break in between Games.
    1. If a Player is unable to play within 10 minutes of the previous Game, the Player may be subject to a forfeit of the upcoming Game.
  5. Each Player has 50 minutes from Game start time to report all scores, or the Player will be given a disqualification for that Game.
    1. Example:
      1. Sets that start at 6:30 P.M. must be reported by 7:40 P.M.
      2. The second Set must start by 7:30 P.M. scores must be reported by 8:40 P.M.
  6. Stage Striking.
    1. Players play a best-of-1 Rock-Paper-Scissors, and the winner may choose to either strike a stage first or select a port first. Stages are struck in a 1-2-2-1 order.
  7. Stage Bans.
    1. After each Game of a Set, before selection of stages and/or characters, the player who won the previous game may ban two stages from either the starter or counter pick list. This ban does not persist throughout the Set.
      1. See Section 14 for clarification.
  8. Pauses.
    1. If a Player intentionally or accidentally pauses a Game by either pressing the Options button or disconnecting a controller, the Player that caused the pause will forfeit the current Game of the Set. If a Game Disruption occurs that is out of control of the Players of the Set, such as action of another Player’s un-desynced controller or a Game software crash or console hardware failure making Players unable to continue a Game, the League Official shall order to restart the Set.
  9. Disconnects:
    1. If a Player suffers a disconnect both players are responsible for reporting that to a League Official.
    2. Both players have a 10 minute window to get back into the lobby and que a restart of the Game.
    3. The new Game must have the same characters and stages picked from the prior Game before disconnect. The new Game will inherit the score from the prior Game for all completed sets. If it was 2-1 before the disconnect the score will stay.
    4. Should a player be unable to complete their Game due to internet issues or do not report to the League Official within the courtesy window they will be considered FORFEITED.

Reporting Scores

  1. Each Player is responsible for acquiring a screenshot/photo of the final score after each Game and reporting it to a League Official.
    1. If a Player does not report a score, their scores will be forfeited for that Game or Set.


  1. All correspondence between Participants, and League Officials will take place on
    1. Discord:,
    2. Email,
  2. If Players have any questions that are not addressed on, please send us an email at
  3. Game Rules and Regulations

    1. Default Game Settings.
      1. If a Player does not report a score, their scores will be forfeited for that Game or Set.
      2. 1v1
      3. Stock: 3
      4. Timer: 7:00
      5. Handicap: Off
      6. Team Attack: On
      7. Launch Rate: 1.0x
      8. Items: Off and None.
      9. FS Meter: Off
      10. Damage Handicap: Off
      11. Custom Balance: Off
      12. Spirits: Off
      13. Pause: Off
      14. Stage Selection: Loser’s Pick
      15. Stage Hazards: Off
      16. Stage Morph: Off
      17. Underdog Boost: Off
      18. Score Display: Off
      19. Show Damage: Yes
      20. Radar : Small
    2. Character Selection.
      1. All Characters are Tournament Legal.
      2. Mii Fighters are permitted with any combination.
      3. Custom Balances are not permitted.
    3. Stage Selection.
      1. Starter Stages.
        1. Battlefield.
        2. Final Destination.
        3. Pokemon Stadium 2.
        4. Smashville.
        5. Town & City.
      2. Counterpick Stages.
        1. Kalos Pokemon League.
        2. Unova Pokemon League.
        3. Yoshi’s Story.
        4. Yoshi’s Island (Brawl).
    4. League Officials highly suggest recording/streaming your gameplay in case you need to verify sabotage or competitive rulings.

    No Show Punishments

    1. No Shows.
      1. In the event that a player does not check in and show up for a scheduled Set the player will receive a score of three loses and zero wins for the week. In the event that your opponent does not show for their Set, you will receive a score of three wins and zero loses and report your score as normal.

    Player Conduct

    1. Player Responsibilities.
      1. It is the responsibility of the Players in the Set to detect all Rule violations and report them to League Officials immediately.
      2. It is the responsibility of the Players to report their Set score to the League Official within 40 minutes of Game start time.
      3. It is the responsibility of the Players to report Rule violations at the time they happened. Any late reports will not be judged.
      4. It is the responsibility of the Players to not interfere with a Set in progress. Should a Player see an issue in a Set they are not a part of, they are to report it to a League Official.
      5. League Officials highly suggest recording/streaming your Game play in case you need to verify sabotage.
    2. League Official Responsibilities.
      1. It is the responsibility of the League Official to act civil in all disputes.
      2. It is the responsibility of the League Official to report any rule violations on behalf of a Player.
      3. It is the responsibility of the League Official to be impartial to all judgement.
    3. General Conduct.
      1. Players may not collude for or against another Player to present an unfair advantage.
      2. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not allowed. Friendly banter is at the discretion of each individual player, although we ask that you be understanding of jokes and fun being had.
      3. Spamming voicelines, sprays, or emote taunting is not allowed.
      4. Abuse of an exploit to seek an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to penalties by League Officials.
      5. Any Third-Party program that negatively affects the integrity of the Tournament, Program, Stream, Event, Player, and/or Game will be considered Prohibited. This is defined as a program or device that provides an unfair advantage. This is including but not limited to Macro Programs, Turbo Modes or Function, Programmable controllers, or Sequence Mapping.
        1. Any devices that are permitted or banned in SSBU WC (Super Smash Bros. World Championship) will be permitted or banned in UCL (Unified Community League).

    Spirit of the Rules

    1. Finality of Decisions.
      1. All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules listed are solely decided by League Officials.
      2. All rules not outlined in the rule book are up to the interpretation of League Officials, who have the discretion to punish based on the severity.
    2. Rule Changes.
      1. These rules may be changed at any time to ensure fair play and integrity of the league.