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Super Smash Bros Ultimate (2v2) - Rules

What to Do Onsite

  • Before your Activity starts, Check In at Registration.
  • Go to Your Zone to Check In for the Activity:
    • You will be playing in the Battle-Zone for this Tournament.
    • Once you find the Tournament Offical for your Event they will guide you through the next steps
    • Quest Givers and Tournament Officals will be there to direct you.

General Tournament Rules

  • Two players will take part in a 3 stock matches to determine who will advance to the next stage in the bracket.
  • Double-Elimination Bracket
  • Game Settings
    • Stock: 3
    • Timer: 7:00
    • Handicap: Off
    • Team Attack: On
    • Launch Rate: 1.0x
    • Items: Off and None
    • FS Meter: Off
    • Damage Handicap: Off
    • Custom Balance: Off
    • Spirits: Off
    • Pause: Off
    • Stage Selection: Loser’s Pick
    • Stage Hazards: Off
    • Stage Morph: Off
    • Underdog Boost: Of
    • Score Display: Off
    • Show Damage: Yes 8.3. Options
    • Radar: Small
    • Echo Fighters: Separate
    • Custom Balance: Off
    • Mii Fighters are permitted with any combination of specials
  • Starter Stages
    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Pokémon Stadium 2
    • Smashville
    • Town & City
  • Counterpick Stages
    • Kalos Pokémon League
    • Yoshi's Story
  • Stage Selection Clauses
    • Winner of the previous game will ban 2 stages
    • Players are allowed to counterpick to a stage that they previously won on
  • Starter Stages
    • Starter Stages are selected in Game 1 of a set. A randomly selected player will strike the first starter stage, then the other player will strike two starter stages, and finally the first player will strike the last starter stage.
  • Counterpick Stages
    • Counterpick Stages are only available in Game 2 and onward of a set. The winner of the previous game will ban 1-2 stages--as many as prompted. And then the loser of the previous game will select from the remaining stages available.
    • Team Attack: Enabled
    • Sharing Stocks: Allowed
    • Legal Stages
    • No Handicap
    • No Items
    • Damage Ratio: Normal
    • No stage can be picked twice by one person, but they can be selected by another person

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