League of Legends - Rules

Lobby Setup

  1. Best of 1, Double Elimination

Lobby Setup

  1. Map: Summoners Rift

  2. Team Size: 5

  3. Allow Spectators: Open

  4. Game Type: Tournament Draft

    1. Players are to line up in LCS Order from Top to Support

    2. Players on roster must be in LCS Order based on their roster, but any player can play any role.

  5. Side Selection

    1. Side selection will be made by coin flip for the first game of the series.

    2. The losing team of the previous game will have side selection for games that follow the first one (if pertinent).

  6. Champion Select Phase

    1. If a champion is selected on accident the team with the accidental pick must notify the other team and leave the lobby before the other team selects their next pick or they will be forced to stick with the same champion. Proof must be shown from either side of what happened in champ select.

    2. If a lobby is to be remade, each team must choose the same bans and picks.

  7. New Champions / Reworks

    1. Any champion recently released or having undergone a major rework will be ineligible from play until two weeks following live release.

Game Rules and Regulations

  1. Pauses

    1. Players are allowed to pause if directed by a Tournament Operator.

    2. Teams are able to pause a match if there is an unintentional disconnections, a hardware or software malfunction, or there is physical interference with a player.

    3. The pausing team can’t resume play until they get clearance from a Tournament Operator and all players are ready. 

Player Conduct

  1. General Conduct

    1. Players may not collude for or against a team to present an unfair advantage.

    2. Players must play at their full potential to retain a competitive standard within a game.

League of Legends

Sep 16, 2023


Date: Sat, September 16, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Franklin Jr High | Des Moines , IA
Total Prize Value: $300.00
Max Capacity: 8