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Welcome to the adventure at MEC Fall Clash.

  • Learn about Video Games
  • Try New and Old Systems
  • Watch Collegiate Players & Meet Coaches
  • Win Prizes Like:

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City Zone

Quest #1: Double Dash Derby
Quest #2: Turf Takeover
Quest #3: Where We Droppin' In?

Reward Quest:
??? Giveaway Entry


Quest #4: Stadium Showdown
Quest #5: Fighting Frenzy
Quest #6: Brawlhalla Blitz

Reward Quest:
?? Monster Catcher

Field Zone

Quest #7: Mini-Game Madness
Quest #8: Block Party
Quest #9: Soccar Sprint

Reward Quest:
?? Pick Your Prize

Arena Zone

Quest #10: Training Grounds
Quest #11: Spartan Challenge
Quest #12: The Gauntlet

Reward Quest:
?? Summoner's Toss

MEC Fall Clash

Sep 16 - Sep 17, 2023


Date: Sat, September 16, 2023
Time: 12:00 AM
Location: Franklin Jr High | Des Moines , IA