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UEA October Skills Competition

Starts 10/19/2020

Registration for the UEA October Skills Competition is open



Open to All Ages and Skill Sets
Participants under the age of 13 need a parent or guardian to create a valid account


Aim Lab Skills Challenge
GridShot & SpiderShot Challenge


October 19th through October 25th
(Submit your score as many times as you'd like during the event.)
Registration Ends 11:59 p.m. CST on 10/25/2020.


Exclusively online
You can download and access the Aim Lab tool via the Steam marketplace:, in order to pay and be eligible to participate.
You will need an Aim lab account to participate in the Contest. You will be prompted to log in or create an account when you open the Aim Lab tool. Log in to your Aim Lab account, click on the “Compete” tab, and choose “UEA GridShot Challenge Powered by Aim Lab” and “UEA SpiderShot Challenge Powered by Aim Lab”


First place prize, $750 & UEA tshirt
Second place prize, $450 & UEA tshirt
Third place prize, $300 & UEA tshirt